Friday, March 18, 2016

Most people will not believe you if you tell them that it is possible to make money now without paying anything, especially when it comes to Internet Business. The reason for their behaviour is quite simple.

Setting up an online business can be quite costly. There are different expertise, experiences and software required for the different aspect of the business. The scene can be quite confusing for most beginners in spite of what the Gurus said in their adverts.

But the No Cost Income Stream takes the guesswork out of your learning curve, as it takes you step-by-step with video demonstrations in a hold-my-hands approach and show you what to do at every point in time from the scratch to the cash.

This package attempts in a very lucid way to prove that it is a fact that you can start Internet Business without any cash up-front, seeding capital or the initial investment.

Of course, this assertion precludes the cost of your Internet-ready Computer, the cost of the Information in the package and the time you will put in to set up the business by yourself – as they always say, time is money.

The purpose of this package is twofold:

1. To show people with no money to start with, that they can still make it – that is start an online business without any money to fund the initial cost and;

2. To prove to the skeptics that it works, that you can make a decent amount of money without putting in any money to start with at all.

Of course, it also has an upgrade version in which you can re-invest the money made to rapidly increase your profits as well as stabilize your business to a dependable income that can also make you rich, wealthy and even prosperous, if that is what you want.


The package showcases five Internet Business Models any of which can be run as a standalone business. The learner can take them one after the other while the experienced Internet Marketer can roll them out all at once and rake in Dollar from the five all at the same time. This is actually a very good example of the much-talk-about multiple streams of Internet Business Income.

Eric, et. al. also give some resale rights: Private Resale Right (RR) which means you can set up the package and sell immediately to make some cash and; some versions (upgrade) carries Master Resell Right (MRR), meaning you can change some of the contents, add or subtract and sell it in any way you want as your own product.

Let us see the details of the package one by one:

THE FIRST SYSTEM: No Cost Product Launches

In this business model, you are shown how to launch your own product successfully. You will not go through the difficult process of creating the product by yourself, which can be too hard for a beginner. Rather you will be lead through a process whereby you create your products by the correct use of other people hardwork (OPH).

You then attract the affiliate in a very cute manner to sell the product for you. There is a way to do this in a very irresistible style, such that most affiliate could not ignore you. That is what you will learn in this system.

One of the way to do that is through your sales copy. Sales copy is easy to write if you use swipe files, and templates, it will make your job easier. They provide you with the templates that make your work look quite professional.

Once your product, affiliates and sales copy are ready, you should aim at 5 figures at your first launch, you will then use the proceeds as seed for continuous evergreen promotions over time. They show you how to do this with ease.

THE SECOND SYSTEM: No Cost Freelancing:

There are so many micro job site these days that it is getting easier by the day to start freelancing no matter your location on any part of the globe. You just offer simple online services to businesses in need of them. The only problem is the stiff competition, that may make you to be invisible on these sites.

But never worry about that as this system shows you how to beat the competition in their games and still deliver increasing value to all your customers worldwide. You can then turn this into a sustainable business in a way  that is still unknown to most marketers.

THE THIRD SYSTEM: No Cost Video Marketing

In this module, you will be shown how to create simple videos and drive traffic to them as you leverage promotion techniques at the video sharing sites globally. This methods are to say the least, very predictable and simple to implement.

You just send your buyer to a special outreach you set using your affiliate offer on You Tube. They will either click on your squeeze page or affiliate links depending on how you set up your page. Video Marketing is a good strategy and if the videos have good content and is done regularly, it can bring very good returns.

THE FOURTH SYSTEM: No Cost List Building

You can start with a free but dependable Autoresponder to build your list. They will you show the approach to use to get some subscribers and set up your squeeze pages for free. It is as good as the paid ones.

As you get plenty traffic, money will then come into yours hands, you can then decide to upgrade this service or pay for other versions. This is quite possible with use of free traffic technique they teach.

Real money is made by mailing your subscribers frequently and staying in touch with them, supplying them useful contents. You can do this with ease by simply bookmarking your favorite articles, videos and the news items in your niche and then share them with your list members.

THE FIFTH SYSTEM: No Cost Affiliate Marketing

This is a good option for those who want to start immediately. They do not have their own product and are not ready to wait and develop it. It is faster and easier to just pick other people product to promote and start making money in a short while.

This approach to online business is called Affiliate Marketing. They will show you methods used in choosing a high-in-demand products that work with the free traffic you are using. Note this very well: not all products convert with the free traffic approach. It is important to know what works and will bring you money fast with the free traffic methods that you are using.

Again, linking to affiliate websites directly is increasingly being frown at by more and more search engines. In the past 10 years, I hardly come across a product that explains so lucidly how to approach this technique correctly and in a simple newbie-friendly manner as this product teaches.

With these said, setting up your site can be the key. Thus, you are given in the package, customizable and free web editors that will help you do this  as fast as the professionals do.

With a product, a professional looking website and a niche friendly traffic, the sky is your limit, just repeat your promotions day in day out, week after week to build your returns and even your riches.


1. It rolls the burden, the risk, off your shoulder. Starting a new business is to say the least very risky, as you can never know if you will make any profit from your hard labor and hard-earned money. So you have a chance of proving the system first before you re-invest part of the money you make from the system into growing the income for even bigger profits and a sustainable business.

2. The Resell Rights – You are given the Resell Right on purchase of this package to resell all the 89 videos and make money for yourself. It is a high-in-demand product and you can make a lot of profits from it.

3. Now, you also have PDF transcript of the videos, for people like me who likes reading than watching videos.


1. PDF transcript is unavailable for two of the modules

2. In today’s online business landscape, sooner or later, proper emphasis must be placed on paid traffic. Initially, they sound like under-rating the importance of paid traffic. 
But they later say this indirectly by encouraging you to get an upgrade of this package as soon as possible, after you have made your money with the free tools.


Name of the Product:
No Cost Income Streams.

Videos, PDF and Software teaching ways to make money online without buying any tool, product or services at all.

Watch Out: before you buy, note that in Internet Marketing Business, hypes is everywhere and here is no exception. After that phase, you get a decent product in your hard drive that over-deliver on their promise.


these people have been known to keep their words and what you will learn in this product is current and practicable. Though Internet changes at a very fast pace, you can freely go back to them for question and updates. I have enjoyed all the products I got from them in the past.

Why I Like The Product:

  • The owners seems to be honest and straight-forward marketers

  • They are also experienced marketers

  • They give their clients adequate support and that promptly

  • The product is Beginners friendly

  • As well as Gurus friendly

What I Dislike in the Product:

  • The Upsell – comes too early.
The client is struggling to start a business at a very low or possibly negligible cost, then suddenly you sort of suddenly push him to buy another expensive product. Most people that will see their One Time Offer (OTO) may not even know exactly what to do with the first package, talk less of the second.

Though the upsell is a good product, some people may want to keep it for a later day when they are more experienced or when they will have time, especially as this page WILL BE SEEN ONLY ONCE AT THAT CHEAP PRICE, but, that is just my reservation. May be you can bear with them - it's part of marketers' buy, buy, buy mentality.

  • The videos are not bundled together, you have to download them one by one. Though this is good for those with slow Internet connections, but not good for all

  • Free stuff works well when you apply the sweat equity, but you can get your money back in a short while if you are ready to work for it.
The rest is profit galore.


  1. The Newbies – Fresh Beginners Internet Marketers, Struggling To Begin To Make Money Internet Marketers

   2. The Intermediate Gurus who may want to use it as a low-end, entry point products to multiply their tribe

   3. Unemployed, underemployed who are looking for ways to get extra income to subsidize their salaries and,
   4. for the Retiring, and Retired people who may be looking for a business to retire into after their currents service.

You can get the No Cost Income Streams with Video Here before the Gurus shut the site.


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